On June 1st FASHION TREND POOL starts the new order season – with the SEASON OPENING F/S 22, which is all about optimism and creativity as a way out of the crisis. out of the crisis.
The warehouses are swamped. Sell-off rates at an all-time low. And the new season is already in the starting blocks. A dilemma. To dispose new seems currently unthinkable, despite signs of hope between opening perspectives and a predicted pent-up demand. The collections are bursting with new themes and optimistic colours. In the SEASON OPENING we look at the trends for spring/summer 2022, analyse the zeitgeist and show the most important “courage makers” of the season – products that make you want to wear fashion again.On 1 June, FASHION TREND POOL will get retailers, buyers and decision-makers in the fashion and shoe the new season at an early stage – with the SEASON OPENING F/S 22. OPENING F/S 22. In a compact, inspiring Zoom Webinar from 10 am to 12 pm.

Spring/Summer 2022 – HOW TO CONTINUE?

In her keynote speech “The Power of Creativity”, trend expert KarolinaLandowskidescribes a new era of zeitgeist in the context of art. Our aesthetic sensibilities are also changing due to digitalization. Virtual art and fashion are booming. Many people discovered art and creativity during the pandemic. At the same time, we long for something truthful, imperfect, and even disturbing. And after many seasons of quiet monotony again after extreme colors. In the future, it will no longer be enough to just make beautiful products to attract attention. The future belongs to expression and a new imagination: exciting art collaborations and disruptive retail actions.


A look beyond your own nose into the inspiring art scene: Guest speaker Timo Wuchner is a Berlin-based designer who will be speaking exclusively at the SEASON OPENING about his experiences in various studios in the design, art and fashion sectors, having worked for studios ranging from Faye Toogood to Olafur Eliasson, and will paint a picture of the future of the creative landscape. He has recently started his own studio and has set himself the task of designing furniture without composite materials.


As the highlight of the SEASON OPENING,Marga Indra-Heide introduces the new fashion themes for S/S 22 in her usual detailed fashion briefing, presents the most important new colours and materials and shows the most influential keylooks, shoes and bags of the season.