Marga Indra-Heide

Colour & fashion consulting

Marga Indra-Heide is responsible for the very early trend research.<br>
She is one of the first to report on the latest trends.</p>
• Colours & trends consulting<br>
• Trend research & fashion forecasting<br>
• Trend presentations for industry and trade<br>
• Briefing design teams<br>
• Training sales team at the start of the season

Karolina Landowski

Fashion news & trend research

Karolina Landowski writes, moderates and talks for magazines, brands and trade fairs about the new trends and zeitgeist topics.</p>
<p>• Trend research & consulting<br>
• Trend lectures designers/industry/trade<br>
• Corporate publishing<br>
• Fashion editing and ghostwriting<br>
• Collection and product texts<br>
• Press releases

Marlise Brogli

Style & colour consulting

Trend seminars for the fashion industry.<br>
Marlise Brogli gives many practical tips on current shoe and textile fashion ... right on site in the sales premises - with their assortment.</p>
<p>• Trend presentations buyer/sales staff<br>
• lnstore sales training<br>
• Fashion lectures at special events<br>
• Style and colour seminars<br>
• Personal shopping accompaniment<br>
• Knigge and manners

Yvonne Breinlinger-Scheuring

Business Consultant

Due to her expertise in the footwear industry, she supports companies in the development of new business strategies and HR topics. With profound expertise and a deep understanding of the industry, she develops innovative solutions to achieve sustainable growth.</p>
<p>• Individual development of future concepts<br>
• Focus on the essentials to identify solutions<br>
• Keynote speeches, workshops and training sessions<br>
• Coaching and supervision of managers

Conny Wangemann

Marketing & publishing consulting

Marketing, organisation and administration - Cornelia Wangemann is active in many business areas.Marketing, organisation and administration - Cornelia Wangemann is active in many business areas. She is known in the footwear industry as an experienced media consultant.</p>
<p>• Media and marketing plans<br>
• Media consulting/acquisition journals<br>
• Prospectus and catalogue production<br>
• Event organisation<br>
• Administration

Heike Suhre

Graphics & web design

With its know-how in the fields of graphic/web design and her profound knowledge of the fashion and footwear world, it is the perfect interface between design and technology for the FASHION TREND POOL.</p>
<p>• Graphic design/ Productfotography<br>
• Webdesign<br>
• Textile design/ leather prints<br>
• Technical support Webinars<br>
• Marketing

Kirstin Müller

Organization & event management

Kirstin Müller loves and lives fashion.</p>
<p>At FASHION TREND POOL she is the contact person for information as well as administrative and organisational questions and event management.</p>
<p>• Organisation<br>
• Event management<br>
• Marketing