Finally the time had come: Colour Circle H/W 23/24 in Potsdam.

A creative team of 20 people from all levels and areas of our industry met here to make the color selection for the fall/winter season after next.

Sightseeing & Networking

At the start of our color meeting we were able to enjoy a lot of culture and fantastic weather. Emelie, our charming Dutch guide led us through the New Gardens and showed us the most beautiful monuments of the city. Simply a dream. We will definitely come back to Potsdam soon and then with more time in our luggage.


On the second day, the definitive selection of the most important leather colors for H/W 23/24 was on the agenda.

In the spacious meeting room of Hotel MAXX with a fantastic garden, we were able to make the color selection after the inspiring trend presentations by Gebhard, Marga and Karolina. From over 450 leather samples and many innovative technical materials, we had to choose 24 colors. This was not always easy, but after some heated discussions we were able to put together a good selection. We will be looking at these colors again and again over the next few months, as they are the basis of all our trend presentations.

The original leather color card H/W 23/24 will be available from mid-May. If you want to learn more about this color chart and trends, please contact us.
+ 49 (0)171 7552311