Colour Circle Meeting

Our creative circle met for the color selection of the leather and high-tech colors F/W 24/25 this time at the invitation of Solidus in Tuttlingen.

After an interesting, comprehensive briefing on the new colors, materials and styles, we moved on to color selection. The decisions were very difficult due to the many fantastic leather and fabric qualities. But in the end, everyone was very happy with the final selection.
This new color chart will be available from the beginning of May.

Visit to Mainau Island

An unforgettable experience despite the many clouds and cool temperatures! On the first day of our Colour Circle, we were inspired by the most beautiful spring flowers during our visit to Mainau Island. Simply terrific. Many of us were the first time on the island and simply speechless at this splendor of flowers.


In the evening at Sandro’s we had a wonderful meal. There was a lot of talking, laughing and unfortunately also parting. For Yvonne Breinlinger-Scheuring, to whom we owe this wonderful invitation to Tuttlingen, Wednesday was her last day there. We were very happy to spend this special evening with her, but of course we will keep in touch and will surely meet again soon.

The original leather color card H/W 24/25 will be available from the beginning of May. If you want to learn more about this color chart and trends, please contact us.
+ 49 (0)171 7552311