The colors and materials in the coming autumn and winter take us into the contrasts. Monochrome neutrals remain. Bold statement colors are coming. Black shows itself with power. Metallics, sequins and lacquer provide shiny highlights.


The beauty of silence. Deceleration and grounding. Awareness and humility. Comfort and Wellbeing. Softness meets rawness. Tone on tone, different haptics, textures, volumes, shimmering and mattes are combined in a contrasting way. Wool and hairy materials, teddy and bouclé, velour and nappa determine the calm image. This results in timeless essentials with handcrafted, raw, natural details. The color range harmonizes in monochrome, therapeutic colors from blush to beige and ultra light pastels from Ice Blue to Lilac.



Real materials. Craft finishes. Natural fabrics. Age as a new value. The style – a melting pot of old memories and new achievements. Tradition. Craft. Sustainability. Adventure. The collections are a scrapbook of inspirations. Patchworks from folklore and military with fresh colorways and natural prints. Denim meets crochet looks, rust-colored leather meets flannel checks in fresh shades of green. Unmatched color layers, vivid contrasts and degradés from rich to light shades make you want to cross-dress. In focus: brown in all its facets, plus warm reds and yellows as well as khaki.


An escapism to extremes. Into hysterical colors and hedonistic stylings. A theme full of dynamics and drive. Bold and eccentric. The longing for party and the rediscovered desire for sexiness provide for slim silhouettes, deep necklines and sophisticated cut-outs between femme fatale and disco queen. Nightdressing is the inspiration for shimmering party dresses, minis and shiny asymmetrical tops. Glitter and sequins, lacquer and latex, silver and gold meet a mysterious gloom of the night. In addition, colors that explode as if from the dark. Cobalt. Cyclam. Purple. Apple green. Lemon yellow.

FASHION TREND POOL at the shoes in Düsseldorf

March 7, 2 p.m. // SEASON’S BEST A/W 22/23

Karolina Landowski provides an overview and orientation for the current season in her order briefing SEASON’S BEST – and shows compactly and competently the top 20 themes for shoes, bags and accessories as well as the most important keylooks and current trend updates that now belong on every order block.

March 7, 3 p.m. // FASHION FORECAST S/S 23

What’s next? With her inspiringFashion Forecast for S/S 23, Marga Indra-Heide is already whetting the appetite for the new summer season and setting the direction for colors, materials and key styles for shoes and bags in Spring/Summer 2023.