Start clear for the new order round S/S 2023

Digital and informative: With the SEASON OPENING webinar, FASHION TREND POOL again ushered in the new order season on June 1. The response to the trend webinar was very positive and the circle of participants is growing. Among the guests were mainly retailers, well-known brands and trade groups from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but also spectators from Italy, Belgium and Holland took part in this Trend Summit.


Already for the 5th time the trend congress SEASON OPENING of FASHION TREND POOL digital took place – as an inspiring and informative start into the order round F/S 23. The greeting of Igedo managing director Ulrike Kähler, who reported on the news at FASHN and SHOES in July and August, was again part of the tradition.


In this two-hour digital event, Marga Indra-Heide and Karolina Landowksi addressed the most important fashion and lifestyle topics of the season in their usual compact and informative manner. Always in focus: the future + optimism.


In the first part of the event Karolina Landowski talked about MERCHANDISING and reported about new fashion concepts and stores. After that, it was all about the extremely exciting topic: METAFASHION – fashion for the metaverse. The theme of the future?!


Finally, the second part of the SEASON OPENING was intensively about the fashion themes S/S 23. At this early stage, Marga Indra-Heide gave a detailed insight into the new season, the fashion that promises a lot of optimism with a firework of colors.


Further trend webinars for the order round S/S 23 will follow.
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