Digital and informative: With the SEASON OPENING webinar, FASHION TREND POOL kicked off the new order season on 1 December. The response to the trend webinar was great: International retailers, well-known brands and group groups took part in the Trend Summit via Zoom.

For the second time this year, the trend congress SEASON OPENING from FASHION TREND POOL took place digitally – as an inspiring and informative start to the order round H/W 2021/22. After a greeting from Igedo Managing Director Ulrike Kähler, who described her view of 2021 and the upcoming trade fair season, the digital event devoted itself in two hours in a compact and informative way to the most important fashion and lifestyle topics of the season. On the program: Positivity. In focus: The product.
Instead of numbers and bad news around Corona, the SEASON OPENING devoted itself exclusively to fresh new topics and ideas from the crisis. In her keynote speech, Karolina Landowski presented the Corona pandemic as a trigger for new trends, markets and niches – and gave 6 exciting impulses for industry and retail: from the hype about pets and the renaissance of board games to the lifestyle world of cycling to the new product group of the “zoom top”. The trend analyst provided many practical insights into how to generate additional business with trends and niche topics – and, if possible, charming events. Her conclusion: “Improvisation is everything – if we have learned something from the crisis, it is that.”

Afterwards FASHION TREND WELCOMED POOL as Special Guest Speaker Paulina Heidbüchel. The student of the Academy of Fashion and Design in Düsseldorf presented the colourful fashion theme PLAYFUL from her young perspective. With nostalgia newly discovered by Corona, Granny Chic plays in it. With a wink and almost childlike naivety, styles, colours and patterns are mixed. Even if the fashion image calms down significantly in the coming season, special highlights are needed in the ranges and the longing for mood-enhancing colours is great. During the break, FASHION TREND POOL invited the Berlin band NATURE IN THE CITY to give the participants an exclusive mini-concert. offers a platform for musicians, bands and artists who have been hit hard by the pandemic – an idea that FASHION TREND POOL enthusiastically supports and also encourages its members: as a small musical greeting from the living room.

In the second part of the SEASON OPENINGS, the fashion topics H/W 2021/22 were discussed intensively. At an early stage, Marga Indra-Heide gave a detailed insight into the new season, which shows fashion between deceleration and awakening. Indra-Heide’s thesis: While the distinction between business and sport has been made so far, the Corona pandemic pushes the boundaries. In the future, we will only distinguish between indoor and outdoor. After an introduction to the three Colour Codes SILENT with calm colours, GROUNDED with earthy nuances and PLAYFUL with powerful colorits, the trend expert dived into the individual fashion segments – from streetwear to contemporary to the mega-theme loungewear. The new season will focus on comfortable silhouettes, loungewear-inspired shapes such as jogging suits in monochrome colours around wool white. The top 3 accessories: Derbe boots on bold soles in new shaft heights, and soft, voluminous paddled bags and fashionable slippers as a salesdriver.