We dare to take a look into the future!

On 1 June 22 at 10


ZEITGEIST with Karolina Landowski: METAFASHION
Fashion for the Metaverse: Digital fashion has rapidly become a billion-dollar business and a creative platform for luxury brands and young designers. A revolution in self-expression, creativity and the future market for tech-hungry Gen-Z. And we are only at the beginning.

MERCHANDISING with Karolina Landowski:
and store check through the international fashion capitals. Karolina shows the most interesting decorations, shop windows, ideas for concept stores and much more.

FASHION with Marga Indra-Heide:
In the proven manner, the most important trends of the upcoming F/S season 23 are shown here. It’s all about colors and materials. Shoes and bags and the trendy looks.

We look forward to your participation.
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